collectif blitzbereit
TANGA - another performance by collectif blitzbereit at Brotfabrik Berlin

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.
Supported by Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur des Bezirksamtes Pankow.
Concept, choreography and performance:
Matilde Flor Usinger, Julie Savery, Denis Thuillé, Eva Weibel
Dramaturgy: Valentin Schmehl
Soundscape: Mathias Savery
Graphic Design: Julie Savery
Special thanks to: Florian Bücking, Johanna Withelm, Theaterhaus Mitte, Social Service Club and The Farm, AFUK - Akademiet for Utæmmet Kreativitet

photos by Lukas Bihler

blitzbereit had the pleasure to perform at the artist staff party organized by Nein arts at Kunsthal Gent

photos by Lukas Neven
APELBAUM02 - blitzbereit performing at Anomalie Art Club with the light-engineered paintings of Jonathan Apelbaum, music by Giulio Frigerio, sensory gloves controlling light and sound by Paul Schuladen and Leon Wenzel, costumes by UY Studio and video by Malek Hosni
blitzbereit x apelbaum - coll. blitzbereit in action with the light-engineered paintings by Jonathan Apelbaum
GLIMPSES – In November 2020 we had the opportunity to decorate the window of the Black Rabbit Bar Berlin, which temporarily had to close due to the pandemic measures. Over the course of five weekends, various performances, installations and exhibitions were presented for the bypassing audience.
QUALITÄT IST KEIN ZUFALL – In October 2020 collectif blitzbereit reunited after one year of being geographically apart. For the Tag der Klubkultur the collective held a site-specific performance at Chicken Center Berlin.

PANKUMENTA - ONLINE EDITION – Pankumenta is a multidisciplinary art festival that brings the opportunity for young starting artist to present their work in dialogue with the city of Berlin. In the 2020 online edition of Pankumenta, we reflected our version of "Undergrowth" through a peephole into our virtual backstage. Welcome to Blitz Bereit’s undergrowth, it’s warm, flashy and full of glitter. Click on the image to enter the exhibition.
LONGDIS(D)ANCE – A short documentary made by alg, about how we approached the limitation of physically distanced creative collective work.
SYNAESTHETIC WEB SERIES – Multidisciplinary performance in collaboration with Kreatress and Knockout Knob Grooves.
BEREIT FÜR DENIM –  blitzbereit travelled back to the eighties at Schwelgerei Berlin.
HIER KOMMT HELM – First edition of Pankumenta festival at Two Yellow Chairs Berlin.
The day collectif blitzbereit was born, during Gallery Weekend 2019 at Gallerie Z22.