collectif blitzbereit

who we are

EVA WEIBEL - founding member

Eva works as a dancer and choreographer in Berlin and Bern. She loves to play with boundaries, which is a major part of her work as a dancer. Both in the movements and in the concepts she creates. They are loud and turbulent but also sensitive like a cocquelicot.

MATILDE FLOR - founding member

Matilde grew up in a circus environment in Copenhagen, Denmark. After many years of training in gymnastics, she sought a freeer form of physical expression, leading her to pursue a career in dance and performance. She believes that embracing vulnerability empowers deeper, authentic connections, enhancing personal growth and relationships.

JULIE SAVERY - founding member

Julie works between visual, digital and physical arts. This includes dancing, performing, designing, coding, fascilitating workshops and more. She loves to work visually and experientially, with a focus on bodies, performativity and interpersonal communication.

VALENTIN SCHMEHL - mentor and dramaturg

Valentin Schmehl is a performer, dramaturge, and cultural activist. His projects always intertwine artistic, social, and scientific practices. He conducts workshops internationally on improvisation, impulse work, and intimacy. As a dancer and performer, he has worked at venues such as the Staatsoper Unter den Linden (2018), the Palestinian National Theatre (2019), the Festspielhaus Hellerau Dresden (2017), the Maison des Cinéastes Nouakchott (MRT, 2018), the Nu Dagbe Circus Cotonou (BEN, 2020), and in film, including "Männerfreundschaften" by Rosa von Praunheim (ARTE, 2017). In 2019, he performed and directed the cabaret "Der Neue Mensch" at the Residenzschloss Altenburg, and in 2021, the workshop festival "Altenburg am Meer."