collectif blitzbereit

what our hair says about us


While her haircut remains square and swiss-clock precise, it contains many different shades and unpredictable swirls. Within the structure of clean cuts and sharp edges, there is also a colorful curiosity. Even before dyeing her hair one color, Eva is already thinking about the next dye to try out.


With hair as long as Matilde's, it is inevitable not to leave single hairs all over the place. Just as well as her hair leaves traces anywhere she goes, the same happens with her personality. Matilde catches your eye in a way that you simply will never forget her again, and even after a while, you might still find a few of her hairs on your sweater.


Julie's hairstyle has gone through many fases in both cut and dye, but one thing remains constant, she always keeps it in some kind of bun. Despite the constant color and shape transformation, Julie needs her hair away from her face, in order for her to think clearly. To be comfortable with chaos, she always looks for order and simplicity.


Whether it is combed, wild, shaven or full of gel, Denis' hair always looks the way he wants it to look. Denis' hair reflects his artistic approach, being with a strong focus on style, aesthetics and detail. If you see him with a hat, it isn't to hide his hair, it is simply to add a new prop to the performance of his haircut.